Separation and Divorce Handbook

This Handbook, which arises out of the author's experience in handling family law cases for over twenty years, is comprised of three parts. First, there is a discussion of the issues and options faced by a person beginning with the initial marital problems, and continuing until after divorce. Second, there is a glossary of divorce-related terms as defined under Virginia law. Finally, there are several exhibits relating to child support.

The information in this Handbook is intended to be of general educational value to persons involved with a separation and divorce. Obviously, not every issue you may face is addressed. The actual issues and law in your case may be more specific, or complicated, than the general information in this Handbook. This information is intended to supplement, not replace, your contact with your family law attorney. Separation and divorce involve complicated and important legal, financial, family and personal issues. You should consult a family law attorney as soon as it becomes apparent that you or your spouse is considering separation or divorce.

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